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Why It’s Important to Discuss Your Oral Health with Your Primary Care Physician

February 8, 2018

The dental community has been developing an awareness over the last several years about just how crucial your oral health is to the systemic health of your body. Research largely suggests that poor dental hygiene can lead to bacteria entering the bloodstream that could link to serious and even life-threatening consequences.

Your Charleston dental team at Cannon Park wants you to be informed on the links between oral and bodily health. We believe that a patient’s understanding of this information can lead to better care both in and out of the office. Here’s what we know:

The links between oral and overall health are centered around periodontal disease. Research shows that inflammation from periodontal disease increases your risk of vascular disease. A link exists between the pathogens associated with periodontal disease and your vascular system.

The research tells us that these pathogens (the disease-causing bacteria) can bind to the cells that make up inner-lining arteries and break them down. This makes it easier for other bacteria to invade the walls of your arteries.

As a result of this research, scientists and medical professionals have more extensively studied the effects of periodontal pathogens. Right now, they think that these mouth-body links could be associated with risks for heart diseases, heart attacks and strokes as well as premature aging, pregnancy risks, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

The team at Cannon Park understands this research unveils a major issue: the disconnect between medicine and dentistry. As researchers continue to develop a better understanding of just how extensive oral issues can be on systemic health, it is important to relay your oral and systemic health issues to both your primary care physician and dentist.

With an understanding of your oral health issues and history, your doctor can better administer the best care and recommendations for you. And with an understanding of your overall health concerns, your dentist can better diagnose and treat you, as well as watch for warning signs of periodontal disease and other issues.

Bottom line: keeping up with your oral health is extremely important and should not be taken lightly. We know that you may get tired of hearing it, but the best way to prevent serious oral disease is to keep up with good daily oral health practices: drinking lots of water, a healthy diet, and daily flossing and brushing.

If you’re ready to make your oral health a true priority, call Cannon Park Dental today at (843) 723-5346 or visit us online to make an appointment.

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