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A crown on my front tooth broke yesterday while eating lunch. I was at work & mortified. Dr. Myers & his office were able to fit me in that afternoon and did a beautiful job on a temporary (it looks as good as the permanent crown)! I cannot thank this practice enough! Forever grateful!

Mary Beth


Best dental care in South Carolina!!!



Great dentist and staff!!!



Charleston is fortunate to have Dr. Jay Myers taking care it’s dental needs. I’ve had the great pleasure of being one Dr. Myers laboratory technicians since he graduated from the Dental School at MUSC. He is a skilled and gifted dentist that I, without hesitation, will refer patients. Having fabricate hundreds of crowns, bridges, veneers and implants for his patients has given me a unique behind the scenes perspective of his clinical abilities.



Every year in school, when my friends smiled for their yearbook photos, I was the girl who pursed her lips. The reason? I was afraid someone would see what I desperately wanted to hide: a gray front tooth that lingered from a childhood accident and subsequent root canal. I hid my joy – and my teeth – every way I could, twisting or contorting my smile whenever someone pulled out a camera. During a regular visit to Dr. Myers, he realized the appearance of my tooth made me uncomfortable and gave me several options to restore my smile. When I returned in a few weeks to have the procedure done, I left his office smiling from ear to ear. Thanks to his superb skills, the results were immediate and FANTASTIC! “You have beautiful teeth,” someone said a few days later. I wanted to tell her it hadn’t always been that way. Instead I just smiled and said, “Thank you.” But I owed by thanks to someone else: Dr. Myers.