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Charleston Students, Book Your Dentist Appointment!

January 27, 2017

Downtown Charleston dentist

Going to college is awesome. You are learning new things, meeting new people, and you are exploring a fun new place – especially if you are a Charleston student! Everything is going great, but one day you are sitting in class thinking about when the last time you went to the dentist and you can’t remember. Over the summer? The last time you were home? When was that?  But where do you go? Who do you call? Mom usually takes care of these things.

If you are a college student  in the downtown Charleston area, no need to fret. Cannon Park Dental is a local family downtown Charleston dentist practice that is located conveniently downtown. Our friendly staff is just one of the benefits Cannon Park Dental has to offer. We also offer a 10% student discount for anyone with a valid student ID.

Did you know that Millennials are the most likely demographic to experience tooth decay? It’s because as a whole they go to the dentist less often because they are moving away from home and going to school or onto their first jobs. According to recent research, “20-34 year olds are more likely to have avoided the dentist for 2-3 years.”

Dr. Myers and staff are here to help you with any dental needs or concerns that you have. From routine cleanings to other dental procedures, Cannon Park Dental is just the right downtown Charleston dentist for you. As a college student, you may have some special events coming up like formals, graduation, and many more. How do you look your best for these events? By coming to Cannon Park Dental and taking advantage of their teeth whitening services, of course! You’ll be sure to have the brightest smile in the room.

Cannon Park Dental is located in Cannon Park at 112 1/1 Ashley Avenue, Charleston 29401. It’s walking distance from College of Charleston and MUSC. See you soon!