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The 5 Best Oral Hygiene Tips for a Picture Perfect Smile

April 3, 2017
best oral hygiene tips

When it comes to keeping your mouth clean, no one knows better than your dentist. Regular checkups and cleanings are important to keeping your teeth healthy and beautiful. But what can you do in between cleanings to make sure your smile stays perfect? Here are the top 5 oral hygiene tips to help keep you on track.

  1. Proper Brushing Technique – You know you have to brush twice a day, but are you sure you’re doing it correctly? The most effective way to brush your teeth is to position your brush at a 45 degree angle while keeping the bristles in contact with both the teeth and gums and brushing in an up and down motion. This technique can be done on the inside and outside of your teeth.

  2. Flossing – Flossing daily helps to remove particles of food that may have gotten caught in those tight spaces between teeth. Lack of flossing regularly can cause cavities and lead to decay.

  3. Consume Calcium and Vitamins – A key to keeping your teeth healthy is keeping them strong. Calcium not only helps with strong bones but also strong teeth! Add more veggies or a calcium supplement can keep your pearly whites as strong as ever!

  4. Swish Swish – Mouthwash allows you to add an extra layer of protection to your teeth. A mouthwash with chlorine dioxide can kill bacteria and also leaves your breath minty fresh.

  5. Clean your Tongue – Cleaning your tongue might seem like a silly thing to do but it can help prevent plaque buildup in your mouth. You can get a tool specifically for cleaning your tongue or you can give it a good scrub with your toothbrush every time you brush your teeth. As long as you are cleaning the surface of your tongue then your mouth will be healthy and breath will smell great.

To keep your mouth as healthy as possible, you should visit your dentist for a cleaning every 6 months. Regular checkups at your dentist office provide a full comprehensive exams. These visits include x-rays to monitor and prevent dental issues from arising. Contact us today to schedule your spring cleaning!


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