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What It Means To Be a Comprehensive Family Dentistry Practice

March 9, 2018

At Cannon Park, we are extremely proud of our family-friendly atmosphere. We understand that getting your children (and sometimes even yourself) to the dentist can be hard.

We also understand that fears and anxieties about the dentist are real. We even wrote a blog with tips to help conquer those fears! And when it comes to securing age-appropriate dentistry or scheduling dental appointments for the whole family, Cannon Park can help make the process easy and stress-free.

Children’s Dentistry

The team at Cannon Park is equipped and well-trained to handle children’s dentistry as early as their first dental appointment. Not only do we treat children, but we also ensure our patients have the resources at home to continue properly caring for their teeth.

Adult and Geriatric Dentistry

The Cannon Park team provides adult dental care as well, including geriatric dentistry services. Our office is handicap accessible and enables us to serve our geriatric dentistry patients without compromising quality of care.

Our comprehensive family practice is able to treat every single person in your family, and we work to help make going to the dentist as stress-free and convenient as possible. You can use our services efficiently by scheduling appointments for the whole family on the same day. One trip to our office can knock out everyone’s dental check-ups!

Out of Office Resources

Not only do we have the resources at the office to meet and exceed the needs of your whole family, but we also provide resources online through our blogs, as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We use these platforms to spread news and tips regarding dental health. We publish and share helpful articles that we hope help you in pursuing better dental health for you and your family.

Our resources also extend into promoting family-friendly events around Charleston. Our Cannon Park family is proud to call the Charleston area home, and we want our patients and their families to enjoy all the Holy City has to offer. Check out our blogs and social platforms for information on fun, family-friendly events around the Lowcountry.

Tired of splitting up the family to go to the dentist? Give us a call at (843) 723-5346 or submit an online appointment form here. Whether it’s at our office or one of the many great events around Charleston, we hope to see you soon!