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Dr. Myers and his hygienists want you to know that you will not find a more thorough cleaning and oral hygiene education experience in Charleston than you will at Cannon Park Dental.


The hygienists will educate you about every aspect of your oral hygiene while they performs a gentle yet thorough cleaning with new state-of-the-art hygiene equipment. Dr. Myers will come in and go over anything he may see in the x-rays and anything that the hygienist might have noticed during the cleaning. Using laser cavity detection technology, Dr. Myers will be able to gently diagnose any cavities that you may have without “poking into” your teeth with the dreaded “pick”. This technology (called the Diagnodent) can detect cavities when they are very small, often leading to a situation where your fillings can be done while they’re shallow, without anesthetic.


Upon completion of your appointment, any questions that you may have regarding your treatment needed will be answered, you will be given a new toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and any other tools that we think you may need to optimize your home care. Linda will then be happy to check you out, schedule your next appointment, and discuss any payment concerns (including financing options if needed). Our team will ensure that you have the absolute best experience possible here at Cannon Park Dental, your Downtown Charleston Dentist.


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